Wednesday, June 15, 2022

It was a two-swim night – Tville – June 14, 2022

The crew
It's been over a month since I had my whitewater boat out, so I decided to join the CTAMC for a Tuesday night run at Tville. At yesterday’s level – 1.6 feet, 550 cfs - it is a class II/III run.

It was a little low at the put-in, but there was plenty of water at Cathy’s Wave and Brown's Ledge for some easy open-boat surfing. I ran the Bridge Abutment Rapid first and got some pictures of the rest of the group coming through. As usual, I ran the rapids above the playhole to the left. Even at this level, the playhole was too big for me to try surfing. Below the play hole are a couple of small ledges that I ran to the left.

Inquisition Ledges
Below that are the Inquisition Ledges, or the "Double-Drop". I ran the first ledge to the right (avoiding the big hole in the center). From there, I tried to ferry across, but it is a tough off-side ferry. I got pushed downstream toward the rocks, and just barely made it through the slot at the second ledge. I had my first swim of the night in the squirrely water below the Inquisition Ledges. I wasn’t paying attention and over I went.

My second swim of the night was in Typewriter. I got spun into a side surf that I couldn’t get out of, and over I went. I was the captain of the swim team but it was still great to be back. Second and third swims of the year - the first was hat the Piscat.


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