Friday, July 25, 2014

Lower Point Judith Pond and Potter Pond – July 22, 2014

Horseshoe Point
I decided to paddle the lower section of Point Judith Pond around Great Island.  The water was flat and still, and the only noise was the sound of birds singing. 

I paddled down the east side of Great Island, under the bridge at Great Island Road, and into the Port of Galilee.  There were a bunch of cormorants hanging out at the mouth of the harbor, including three that looked like they were ready to catch a ride. 

Lighthouse at Snug Harbor
I paddled across the pond from Galilee to Snug Harbor.  I saw on the map in the cottage a connection from Point Judith Pond to another salt pond called Potter Pond.  I paddled up the inlet channel located between the marina and the lighthouse, under the Succotash Road Bridge, and into Potter Pond.

It’s a pretty pond that is about a mile from end-to-end.  I paddled about half way up when another osprey next caught my eye.    I headed back to Point Judith Pond, and got a few pictures of a sailing class before heading back t the cottage.

Osprey Nest on Potter Pond


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