Sunday, July 6, 2014

A touch of Arthur - Biscuit City to Richmond - July 5, 2014

Running the fish ladder
at the Kenyon Dam
I wouldn’t say Hurricane Arthur was a bust, but it didn’t produce enough rain to bring the local whitewater rivers up.  The ones that were running were too far away, so Paul and I decided to do something local - the Pawcatuck from Old Biscuit City Road to Richmond.  Paul was looking for something with a little current, and he had never been on this section. 

The river was at a nice level – 3 feet, 300 cfs on the Wood River Junction gage.  We did a couple of laps at the Kenyon Dam fish ladder, portaged the Horseshoe Dam, and did a couple more laps at the Lower Shannock Falls.  From there it is basically flatwater to the Richmond Dam.

Half way down, Paul remembered that he forgot his keys in my car.  This is the third time that one of us had forgotten the keys – it's tough to get old.

Paul running Lower Shannock Falls


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