Friday, July 25, 2014

Looking for Long Cove – July 20, 2014

Sunrise as Horseshoe Point
I’m on vacation in Narragansett, and the owners of the cottage we are renting have a nautical map of Point Judith Pond hanging on the wall.  It's there for decoration, but I immediately found a couple of places that I would like to explore.  The first is Long Cove.

We had passed by the sign for Long Cove Campground many times as we drove down Route 1, but I wasn’t sure where it was.  According to this map, Long Cove opens to the north end of the Upper Point Judith Pond.  A narrow strip of land separates it from Champlin Cove not far from our cottage. 

Egret as Champlin Cove
I paddled up the east side of Point Judith Pond along Ram Island and into Champlin Cove.  Unfortunately, a mucky marsh separates Point Judith Pond from Long Cove.  I probably could have made it through, but decided that I didn’t want to do get there that bad. 

Instead, I decided to explore the northwest corner of Point Judith Pond.  Birds were out in abundance – egrets, herons, cormorants and seagulls.  I also found two osprey nests – both with osprey in them.

Clamming boat at Ram Island

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