Friday, July 25, 2014

Around Ram Island – July 23, 2014

Wind surfer
The day started off cloudy and windy, so I decided to skip the early morning paddle to do some reconnaissance.  I drove up Route 1A to check out the put-in at the URI Bay Campus.  By the time I got back to the cottage the clouds were starting to burn off, so I decided to take my canoe out for a short trip around Ram Island. 

The water was calm and still as I headed up the east side of Ram Island.  As I rounded the tip the wind picked up, and I was paddling into a strong headwind with easy rolling waves.  A sailing class and small group of windsurfers seemed to love it.  For me, it wasn’t too bad until I turned to head back to the cottage across the pond.  With the wind now at my back, I did my best to quarter the waves, but it still took a while to get home.

Sailing class

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