Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pawtuxet Cove – January 11, 2014

I got my days backwards (the RICKA trip I thought I was joining is tomorrow), but I still did some paddling down at the Pawtuxet Cove.  I put-in at 11:00 at the Aspray Boathouse at Pawtuxet Park.  I paddled out to the breakwater, but decided not to venture out into the bay.  I paddled back down the cove to the Broad Street Bridge to do some surfing at the Pawtuxet Falls before heading back. 

Below the Pawtuxet Falls

Friday, January 3, 2014

First Snow of 2014 - Ashton Snowshoeing - January 3, 2014

Fresh snow on the Bike Path
The first big snow storm of 2014 turned out to be a dud.  We got 6” to 8” instead of the 12” that was forecast.  Still. after shoveling out the driveway, I decided to head down to the bike path in Lincoln to do some snowshoeing.

I accessed the bike path at the Visitor Center on Route I-295.  This is a good starting point because it is always plowed. The temperature was around 15° when I arrived, but as long as you stayed out of the wind, it didn’t seem that cold.  I was the first one on the bike path and got to break a trail through the fresh snow. 

On the ridge overlooking the Ashton Dam
Once on the bike path, you can head south down around the Kelly House and the Blackstone Canal, or north along the river under Route I-295.  I decided to go north and was surprised to see the Blackstone River frozen over above the dam.  Along this section thickets of mountain laurel grow on the rocky slopes that lead down to the river – very pretty.  I always find lots of deer tracks when I come here, and today was no exception.  Maybe sometime I’ll see the deer.

I did a loop from the Visitor Center, down to the Blackstone River and back.  Enjoy it while you can!

Snow and ice on the Ashton Dam