Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blackstone Gorge – July 13, 2014

Rolling Dam
I would have liked to see the Paddle Across Rhode Island crew finish the last leg of their trip, but I didn’t have time. So instead, I stayed local and paddled the section of the Blackstone River from the Blackstone Gorge to Millville. The water was so low below the Rolling Dam that I was able to walk across the river by stepping from rock to rock, and I never got my feet wet. 

Upstream from the dam is always a pleasant paddle.  I got out of my boat to explore the railroad bridges at the Triad Bridge site.  It is interesting that three railroads decided to cross the Blackstone River at this site – the Providence & Worcester Railroad, the New York & New England Railroad and the Grand Trunkline.

Millville Rapid
Just upstream from the Triad Bridge site is the old Millville Lock – one of only two remaining locks from the 1828 Blackstone Canal.  The other is the Goat HillLock at River Bend Farm.

I continued upstream to the Millville Rapid.  The water was low, but the rapid was runnable.  If it wasn’t for a tree limb blocking the shoot in the second drop, I probably would have tried.


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