Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pawtuxet Cove to Gaspee Point - February 28, 2015

At the put in
The snowshoeing has been fun this month  but it was still nice to get my boat out for a little paddling.  I met Jim, Frank and Earl at the Pawtuxet Village to paddle the Pawtuxet Cove and Lower Providence River.

The day was just beginning to warm as we put in at the Aspray Boathouse near Pawtuxet Park.  There was a considerable amount of ice along the shore, but the main channel was free.  We paddled up the Cove to the Broad Street Bridge to check out the Pawtuxet Falls. While we were there, a pair of bald eagles flew overhead and landed in some nearby trees.

Slushy ice
From there, we paddled back down the Cove, and then headed south along the breakwater.  We paddled past Passeonkquis Cove, which was filled with a slushy ice with the consistency of a slurpee.  There were hundreds of swans on this section of the lower Providence River along with geese, ducks and gulls.

We paddled down as far as Gaspee Point before turning back.  Gaspee Point was the site of the first hostilities of the American Revolution when the British revenue schooner GaspĂ©e was grounded and burned by local Patriots. 

The Crew - Jim, Earl, Frank and Erik

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I need to get skis - Manville - February 14, 2015

My father's old Hurons
I need to get skis. Tommy has been saying that for a while, but the point really came home to me yesterday.  

I decided to do some snowshoeing in the morning before the snowstorm started up in the afternoon.  I have a pair of traditional wooden Huron snowshoes that are pretty good for deep snow and covering ground.  I went down to the bike path in Manville and was moving along at what I thought was a pretty good pace when I heard a couple of skiers coming up behind me.  They were gone before I could get my gloves off and my camera out of my pocket.    

I think it’s time to get some cross-country skis.

Ski trail in the bike path - the skiers are long gone...


Monday, February 9, 2015

Diamond Hill with Bill - February 8, 2015

Bill climbing to the cliff
Bill and I were supposed to do a RICKA message board hike in Chepachet, but it got cancelled due to weather.  Fortunately Bill was still up for a trip, so we met at Diamond Hill for the loop around the “rock”.

Bill said that he was looking for something with "a little elevation", so this seemed like a good choice.  We took my usual route through the woods to the right of the bandstand and headed down to the old quarry.  The snow was unbroken, and in places waist deep as we worked out way up to the cliff.  It was definitely a workout, but worth it for the views.

From there we headed back down and took the switchback road up to the top of the hill.  Fortunately, the trail along this section was broken or it would have been a real workout.  It also made it easy to find the trail along the road that I can never find on my own. 

View from the top
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Mount Tom Trail - February 1, 2015

Mout Tom Cliffs
I headed out with the RICKA crew to do some snowshoeing on the Mount Tom Trail in the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area.

The Arcadia Wildlife Management Area is located in southwestern Rhode Island and includes over 14,000 forested acres.  It has and extensive system of trails including more that 30 miles maintained by the Narragansett AMC and RIDEM. We did an out-and back of about 3 miles on the Mount Tom Trail that took us out to the Mount Tom Cliffs that provide great view of the surrounding area.

Barbara, Judy, Sharon, Lori, Linsey, Mike, Erik and Bill

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