Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wickford Harbor – July 27, 2016

Smith's Castle
I was on the road again today – this time to the other side of the Verrazano Bridge at the Wickford Harbor.

I put in at Wilson Park and paddled along Rabbit Island to Smith’s Castle. The land on which this house was built was the site of Roger Williams' original trading post. Williams sold the land to Richard Smith who constructed a large fortified house on the site in 1637, giving the house its nickname the “Castle”. That house was burned, and the present structure was built in its place during the King Philip's War in 1678.

Verrazano Bridge from the breakwater
I paddled around Cornelius Island and out to the breakwater in Wickford Harbor.  Wickford Harbor is was one of the best-protected natural harbors in the northeast. In the eighteenth century, it grew to become a major port and ship building center. 

From there, I padded into Wickford Cove to check out the Beach Rose Café at the Brown Street Bridge and the Boston Neck Road Bridge.

Boston Neck Road Bridge

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