Sunday, July 17, 2016

Around Great Island - July 17, 2016

Franks Neck - looking back to Horseshoe Point
The day started off foggy, but it was starting to burn off by around 8:00, so I took my canoe out for a trip around Great Island.  It was still a little foggy and hazy as I headed south past Franck’s Neck and into Bluff Hill Cove.  By the time I reached the Port of Galilee, the skies were clearing.  There wasn't a lot of boat traffic, so I paddled down to the last buoy before you enter the Breachway.  From there, I paddled back up past the Snug Harbor Light.  I took a break in the middle of Point Judith Pond on one of the sandbars that appear at low tide before heading back to the cottage.

The last buoy before the Breachway

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