Friday, May 20, 2016

Thursday Night Tville – May 19, 2016

My whitewater boat hasn’t been out in a while, and I knew that I couldn’t paddle this weekend, so I took the afternoon off and headed down to Tville for a weeknight run.

I met up with a group from the CTAMC that does this run every Thursday night.  We had 14 boats – 2 canoes and 12 kayaks.   The run itself is short - just 1.5 miles - but the water runs most of the year, and there are play spots for paddlers of all skill levels.   At yesterday’s level (1.6 feet, 600 cfs), it was an easy class II.

The river starts off easy with the few small ledges and nice surf waves.  As you enter the gorge the intensity picks up a bit with the Bridge Abutment Rapid (ran right) and the Playhole (ran left).  The Playhole was at nice level, but I was still too chicken to try.

Below the Playhole are a couple of small ledges that I ran to the left.  Below that are a couple of bigger ledges.  I ran the first to the right (avoiding the big hole in the center).  From there, I ferried left to run the second drop. It took us about 2 hours to do the run.


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