Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pummers Landing to the Stanley Woolen Mill - May 7, 2016

Linda heads down stream
Personally, I’d much rather be paddling boats than repairing them.  When I do repair work, my lack of practice often shows.  Still, there is a lot of satisfaction in paddling a boat that you have repaired yourself, so I was glad to get the Wildfire out for a trip on the Blackstone after doing some repair work on the stern.

A light drizzle was falling a I drove to the Stanley Woolen Mill to meet Linda for the trip, but the rain held off while we were on the river.  We ran the section from Plummers Landing to the Stanley Woolen Mill.  The river was at a nice level – 4 feet, 600 cfs. on the Northbridge gage. 

Linda running the Broken Dam
This section of the river requires a lot of maneuvering through s-turns and around strainers. After paddling through Rice City Pond, we portaged the dam at Hartford Avenue for the run through River Bend Farm.  We ran the broken dam below Route 16, and did a little surfing before calling it a day - good time.

Surfing at the Broken Dam

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