Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pawtuxet Cove to Gaspee Point - February 28, 2015

At the put in
The snowshoeing has been fun this month  but it was still nice to get my boat out for a little paddling.  I met Jim, Frank and Earl at the Pawtuxet Village to paddle the Pawtuxet Cove and Lower Providence River.

The day was just beginning to warm as we put in at the Aspray Boathouse near Pawtuxet Park.  There was a considerable amount of ice along the shore, but the main channel was free.  We paddled up the Cove to the Broad Street Bridge to check out the Pawtuxet Falls. While we were there, a pair of bald eagles flew overhead and landed in some nearby trees.

Slushy ice
From there, we paddled back down the Cove, and then headed south along the breakwater.  We paddled past Passeonkquis Cove, which was filled with a slushy ice with the consistency of a slurpee.  There were hundreds of swans on this section of the lower Providence River along with geese, ducks and gulls.

We paddled down as far as Gaspee Point before turning back.  Gaspee Point was the site of the first hostilities of the American Revolution when the British revenue schooner Gaspée was grounded and burned by local Patriots. 

The Crew - Jim, Earl, Frank and Erik

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