Sunday, February 15, 2015

I need to get skis - Manville - February 14, 2015

My father's old Hurons
I need to get skis. Tommy has been saying that for a while, but the point really came home to me yesterday.  

I decided to do some snowshoeing in the morning before the snowstorm started up in the afternoon.  I have a pair of traditional wooden Huron snowshoes that are pretty good for deep snow and covering ground.  I went down to the bike path in Manville and was moving along at what I thought was a pretty good pace when I heard a couple of skiers coming up behind me.  They were gone before I could get my gloves off and my camera out of my pocket.    

I think it’s time to get some cross-country skis.

Ski trail in the bike path - the skiers are long gone...


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