Sunday, November 30, 2014

Satan's Kingdom - November 30, 2014

Poling up Rooster Tail
There wasn’t much running around here, and we hadn’t done our annual Farmington River poling trip, so I got out with Matt yesterday to do some poling on the “Tuber’s Run" through Satan’s Kingdom. 

I hadn’t been on this section of the Farmington River in years.  We use to do a couple of trips a year here to play below the Gorge and at Rooster Tail.  This time, we would be poling up from the “Tubers Take-out” on Route 44 just above the intersection with Routes 179 and 202. The river was a nice level for poling (300 cfs. on the Riverton gage with another 100 cfs.from the Still). 

Scott running the Gorge
There are a couple of easy drops to push up before you get to Rooster Tail.  Matt was able to move up Rooster Tail easily.  I got stuck at the last drop, and finally gave up and dragged my boat up the last few feet.  It’s an easy push the rest of the way up to the Gorge. 

While Mat and I were pushing up, Tim and Scott did a first run in their kayaks.  We met up with them at Rooster Tail on their first run, and at the Gorge on their second run.  It was nice to be able to do the downstream run with them.

Matt does some surfing

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