Sunday, November 16, 2014

River Bend Farm to Millville with Mike B. - November 15, 2014

Mike running the broken dam at Route 16
I had a good time yesterday paddling with one of my oldest paddling buddies – Mike B. I started paddling seriously in 2005, and I think I did my first trip with Mike in 2006. I was a newbie; he had been paddling for years. I did my fist poling trip with Mike, did some of my first whitewater trips with Mike, and did my first extended overnight camping trip with Mike.

Yesterday, Mike, Frank and I got out to paddle the Blackstone from River Bend Farm to the Millville Rapid – about 9 miles. It was a very leisurely trip. We put in at around 10:30 and got off the river at around 2:00.

Franks running the Millville Rapid
Considering how low all the rivers are around here, the Blackstone was at a decent level - 3.5 feet, 500 cfs on the Northbridge gage. Nothing tough, but there were enough twists, turns and blowdowns to keep things interesting.

About half way through the trip we broke one of the cardinal rules of paddling – staying together. As we approached a fork in the river, Mike took the left channel, and Frank and I took the right. I thought that we would reconnect just downstream, but it was probably more like a mile. Just as we were both starting to wonder what happened to the other, we hooked back up.

Temp’s were in the mid 30’s yesterday, and by the end of the trip my feet were starting to get pretty cold. Winter paddling is here! Other than that, it was a great day all around.

Running the broken dam at Route 16

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