Sunday, October 13, 2013

River Bend Farm Canal/River Loop – October 12, 2013

The morning started off cloudy, but looked like it was going to clear up, so I decided to head up to Uxbridge to run the Canal/River loop at River Bend Farm. Unfortunately, the further north I drove, the cloudier it got.  It ended up being an overcast trip, but at least the drizzle held off until I got home.

I put in at the Hartford Avenue Bridge and paddled into Rice City Pond to check out the foliage – there wasn’t much to see.   The rain and strong wind last week took out much of the foliage.  I did find Frank and a friend out for a morning paddle.

With nothing to see in Rice City Pond, I crossed over into the river. Once again, the foliage was pretty sparse.  The level was 3.2 feet on the Northbridge gage – low but runnable. I had to get out of my boat at the end of the canal near the Rice City Dam, and quickly sank up to my hips in muck.  Fortunately, I was able to use my boat to get over to shore.

Hartford Avenue Bridge

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