Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blackstone Gorge - Bridge Street to Rolling Dam - October 5, 2013

Rolling Dam
I had a couple hours to paddle, so I decided to check out the foliage in the Blackstone Gorge. It was cloudy and overcast, so it wasn't the best day for pictures.

I paddled from Bridge Street in Blackstone up to the Blackstone Gorge. This section of the river doesn't get paddled very often because its difficult to access, which is a shame because its a pretty section of river. The Branch River joins the Blackstone about half way up, and then you enter the Blackstone Gorge.

Blackstone Gorge
At a reasonable level, the Blackstone Gorge is a short class III run with a series of ledges followed by a rocky drop at the end. Unfortunately, the water is usually drawn off by a nearby hydroelectric plant, so it rarely runs at what I think is a reasonable level. When its big, its really big.

For what its worth,  Millville gage was about 3.8 feet and the Route 122 in Uxbridge gage was about 7 feet.  Here’s what the run looked like:

My pictures
Millville gage
Route 122 in Uxbridge gage 

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