Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lincoln Woods - July 20, 2013

I wanted to paddle today, but it was so hot that I also wanted to be able to go swimming.  That meant that most of my usual haunts were out.  I decided to go down to Lincoln Woods to paddle Olney Pond.

I thought it would be quiet there today, but it was actually pretty busy.  Red and yellow rental boats dotted the pond.  As I pulled into the boat launch, a group of canoe racers with 5-man canoes was pulling in as well.  These boats came in pieces, and you could add or remove pieces depending on how many paddlers you had.

I paddled around the pond exploring the shoreline and the small coves and islands.  There was a small flock of cormorants, a heron, and lots of seagulls.  I forgot how different it was to paddle on a lake, even with a small breeze.

I took a swim at the start of the paddle, and at the end of the paddle – it felt good.


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