Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harbor of Refuge - July 30, 2013

East jetty of the Harbor of Refuge
The day was bright and sunny, so I decided to go paddle the Harbor of Refuge just outside the Breechway at the mouth of Point Judith Pond.

Construction of the Harbor of Refuge, which protects the Breachway and the Port of Galilee, began in 1890 with the construction of the east and west jetties.  The breakwater was not completed until 1910 with the completion of the center jetty.

When I arrived at Camp Cronin, I was surprised how much damage had been done by Superstorm Sandy.  Most of the parking lot had been washed away, and the sand dunes had been replaced by steep cliffs.  I put-in inside the east jetty.  Even there, with the strong wind and 1 to 2 foot waves, it was tough to make progress.  I paddled as far as Sand Hill Cove, and then headed back.

Point Judith Light and Coast Guard Station
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