Sunday, November 11, 2012

River Island Park - November 11, 2011

Did something today that I haven’t done in ages – took my whitewater boat down to River Island Park. 

Paddling at River Island Park hasn’t been the same since my old Encore was stolen there in December 2010.  Carrying the boat back the car is a pain, and leaving it behind to walk back to the car isn’t an option either.  Today I brought the portage cart that I bought for my Adirondack trip, and it worked out great.  I wheeled the boat back about half a mile to the car.  I did get some interesting looks as I portaged through downtown Woonsocket – that’s not something that people see everyday.

The river was at t nice level – 2.5 feet, 550 cfs.  Seems like it should have been boney, but is wasn’t.  I spent some time at the surf waves at the Bernon Bridge, the Court Street Bridge, the Railroad Bridge, the Pipe and the Power Lines.  I was too lazy to drag the boat all the way up to the dam - maybe next time.

Wheeling back to my car along the flood control levy

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