Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farmington Poling – November 17, 2012

With Chuck below the Goodwin Dam
We had a nice group yesterday on the Riverton Section of the Farmington.  Chuck and I joined Tommy, Matt, Scott, Fred and Sharon on 10-mile poling/paddling trip.

This was the first trip I did with Matt and Scott back in 2006, and I had forgotten how much I like this section of the river.  It was running at about 500 CFS (400CFS from Goodwin Dam and 100 CFS from the Still River) which is great for poling, and not bad for paddling.  Flatwater sections are interspersed with quickwater.  At higher water levels some class I/II rapids develop.  The river runs through the American Legion/Peoples State Forests.

Chuck in the High Bank Rapid
We put-in below the Goodwin Dam off Hogback Road.  The initial section was shallow and rocky, but would be a fun class I/II at higher water levels.  Matt and I poled up to the Goodwin Dam before joining the group to head downstream.  After passing the old Hitchcock Chair Factory the Still River joins on the left adding to the flow.  The river then enters the American Legion/Peoples State Forests.  We stopped for lunch at the picnic area in the Peoples State Forest before continuing downstream. 

Fishermen lined the banks as we entered the Farmington River Trout Management Area.  We got a few scowls as we passed, but most of the fishermen were OK.  The flatwater/quickwater continued down to the Route 44 bridge.  We took out at the parking lot at the Satan’s Kingdom State Recreation Area (GPS 41.8567, -72.9583).  After a beer and burger at the Crown and Hammer Pub in Collinsville we headed home.  Another great day, but aren’t they all!

Lots of different canoes!

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