Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Hampshire paddling recommendations from Tommy

  • Squam Lake is nice.
  • Umbagog Lake(NH-ME), Richardson Lake(ME), and Lake Mooslookmaguntic(ME) are nice. All have campsites available. None are truly wilderness (but what is?)
  • Aziscohos is reputed to be nice as well.
  • The Magalloway from below the rapids down into Umbagog is a quiet water gem. If the wind is daunting on Umbagog the Magalloway is lovely.
  • The Androscogin between Umbagog and the Errol Dam is nice and quiet (mostly). Some years back I saw a large otter family as well as a nut in a Cigarette Boat all in the same paddle.
  • The Saco from North Conway down can be nice when it's not overrun with drunken dorks.
  • The Pemi below Woodstock is sweet if you don't mind a bit of current. Class I with one Class II in Thornton then Quick to quiet water all the way to Ayers Island Dam in Bristol, NH

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