Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Planning - Blackstone Valley Paddle Club trips for 2011

With the first day of spring a couple of weeks away, we have our first planning meeting for the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club next week. Unfortunately, I’ll be in New York. I did send along a couple of suggestions.

Looks like I’ll be leading a joint Blackstone Valley Paddle Club/Rhode Island Blueways trip on July 5th above the Blackstone Gorge. It’s a nice flatwater section that we do every year. One of the few intact locks from the old Blackstone Canal is visible from this section of the river.

In June, I’ll also be leading a Paddle Club Trip from the Valley Falls Dam on the Cumberland/Central Falls line to the Elizabeth Webbing Dam on the Central Falls/Pawtucket line. There is a little quickwater at the start which can easily be avoided. We will explore the system of trenches that provided power to the Valley Falls Mill Village, and then paddle down a pleasant section of the Blackstone River.

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  1. if you want to see the canal entrace(its sealed off so you know) go to google maps and type north quinsigamond village and zoom in by the bend in the river between the feild and the red bridge that goes across rt146 and click on pictures and you will see my photo of it. (mike-mjl)