Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can’t beat a Tuesday night on the water - June 15th

I made it to my first Blackstone Valley Paddle Club trip last night – what a good time. I paddled with Don H. in my Mohawk Whitewater 16.  The trip was on the Blackstone from the Gorge up to the shallows below the Millville Rapid. It was nice to see all the Paddle Club Leaders, my whitewater buddy Andy, and so many regular members. It was also nice to see some of the paddlers from last Sunday’s training class. I must have been having a good time because I didn’t take a single picture – very unlike me. Fortunately, Cheryl and AJ were capturing the trip. Gage at the Route 122 Bridge in Uxbridge was around 7.5 ft., 350 cfs. 

Cheryl's Pictures
AJ's Pictures
My Blackstone Gorge Video from 2008
Blackstone Valley Paddle Club Website

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