Monday, August 2, 2010

Swam the Gap – Again - August 1st

Hooked up with Andy, Hector and some of the crew from the NPMB yesterday for a run on the Fife Brook section of the Deerfield. Release was 1,000 cfs. With the exception of the Gap, the run was pleasant and uneventful. Andy and I both tried the left line through the Gap. I went first so I could get some pictures at the bottom - wishful thinking. I missed the big eddy at the top and flipped in the big hole in the middle. Andy made a clean run, but of course, he has no pictures to show for it since I was emptying out my boat – sorry Andy.  Lessons learned:
  • Scout the Gap before you run it - duh!
  • At flows over 1,000 cfs, run the center line
Great day, it was nice to get out to paddle some moving water again.

My Pictures
Fife Brook Section of the Deerfield from American Whitewater

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