Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rivers Edge to Manville – August 17th

I paddled the Blackstone from the Rivers Edge Recreation Complex down to the Manville Dam last night with the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club. The turnout was great (probably 30 boats), but the condition of the river was not so good - there were way too many soccer balls, water bottles and Dunkin Donut’s cups floating in the water. I picked up as many as I could, and got a few others to do the same - Suasco Al would have been proud.  We added our trash to a collection of old bikes and other assorted trash that someone else had pulled from the river and piled by the put in.  After a trip on the crystal clear, fast moving water of the Deerfield, the Blackstone is a poor cousin by comparison.  Lesson learned - don't do a Paddle Club trip on the lower Blackstone in the late summer when the water is low.  Still, can't beat the sunsets.

My Pictures with Cheryl's Camera

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