Sunday, October 11, 2020

Blackstone Gorge Foliage Tour - October 10, 2020

Rolling Dam
This was the last weekend for a scheduled Deerfield release at Fife, and I thought about heading up for a run. Then again, the shuttle is a pain, and it a long drive, so I opted for something local instead.  There are usually other released during the year.

There were lots of options for RICKA trips – Saturday at Blackstone Gorge with Gary, Sunday at Potter Hill with Sharon, and Monday at Pachaug Pond with Cheryl. Saturday looked like the nicest day, the Gorge is the closest to my house, and it fit best with my schedule, so the Blackstone Gorge it was.


Triad Bridge
I headed over early to hike down into the Gorge for some pictures.  There was plenty of color above the dam, but it will be at least another week for the color to peak in the Gorge itself. I snapped a few pictures at the Rolling Dam and at the Gorge Drop before heading back to the put in to meet the group.  

Paddling upstream from the dam is always a pleasant trip, and the colors were nice – not quite peak, but close.  We paddle through the Triad Bridge site, and took a break to check out the Millville Lock. From there it is a short paddle up to Millville where we turned around.  

Millville Lock


My Pictures - Blackstone Gorge Foliage

My Pictures - Rolling Dam to Millville

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