Saturday, November 30, 2019

Day after “Day after Turkey” Paddle – Tville – November 30, 2019

Moving in to surf at the Playhole
The “Day after Turkey” paddle is a bit of a tradition around here, and my original plan was the run the Lower Millers with John Kaz & Co. Unfortunately, I got half way there and realized that I forgotten my dry suit - bummer! Fortunately, the crew from CT was doing a trip at Tville on Saturday, so I had another option.  

Looking back I was surprised to see that it has been over a year since I paddled at Tville. I made one Thursday night paddle this year, but that was at Crystal. For this trip the level would be perfect for practicing in my new boat – 1.8 feet, 700 cfs. – class II, easy III.

The swim after
We put in at the park and headed downstream, checking out the play spots along the way. When we got to the main playhole I was going to pass, but when Jo-Ann offered to take some pictures I had to take her up on it. I bounced around on the billow for a while until I was able to nudge the bow down into the hole. From there the swim was quick – spun around and over I went. 

At least it is an easy swim, and the crew was great about recovering my boat. This was my forth swim of the year, and my first in the new boat. My first swim was at Great Swamp in my Yellowstone Solo, and my second and third swims were on Fife Brook in the Encore (that was a bad day). While I had practiced wet exits on flatwater in the Outrage, it’s nice to know I can do it in real conditions. 

Surfing at Cathy's Wave

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