Friday, June 30, 2017

Second swim of 2017 - Tville - June 29, 2017

It's hard to believe that it's the end of June, and I can still get my whitewater boat out on a natural flow river. Tville on the Farmington River in CT continues to run, and shows no sign of dropping. I got out again last night with the CT/AMC, and had my second swim of the year. My ride in the playhole only lasted a couple of seconds, but this time there is a picture of me upright.

The calm before the swim...
The paddle on the upstream side probably contributed to my speedy demise, but a least I was facing the camera for the shot.

The river was 1.6 feet, 550 cfs.  Tom wrote on Pnet...
Anyone can bob a hole embedded in a cork,
but when the tale wags twain gunwhale that wallows wide as pork,
that into stall that sooee's call you herd with the short stick,
Wellll, then you've done well sink or swim in swell where the yak yawns in dizzy lick.

(Meaning a pig's pirouette in the sty is worth two yak bow stalls in the eye. Mind you, that's a pirouette not spun around an horizontal axis!)

No pig's pirouette for me! 😉

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Tville Gage
River Description from American Whitewater

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