Monday, February 8, 2016

Hiking at Tillinghast Pond – February 7, 2016

Bill and Sharon check out the map
I would have liked to do some paddling, but there didn’t seem to be a lot going on, which was a surprise considering how nice the day was.  Instead, I decided to join Bill’s hike down at the Tillinghast Pond Management Area in West Greenwich.

The Tillinghast Pond Management Area is managed by the Nature Conservancy and includes over 2,000 acres adjacent to the Wickaboxet Management Area. It has four interconnected trails (see map). 

On the trails
We started on the Pond Loop (blazed white), which starts at the Plain Road parking lot.  From there we got on the  Flintlock Loop (blazed yellow) past the old Ellis homestead and the Cathedral Pines.  From there we got on the The Wickaboxet Loop (blazed blue), which connects the Tillinghast Pond and Wickaboxet Management Area trail systems.  With smaller trails, snow on the ground and lots of trees down on the trail, it got tougher to stay on the trail as we got deeper into the woods.  We made it as far as the Wilcox homestead before turning back.

After today I'm thinking that hiking is almost as good a paddling - almost! Fun day as always, and I still got home in time for the Super Bowl.

The crew - Erik, Bill, Sharon, Henry. Louise and Cheryl
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