Monday, December 7, 2015

Tville - December 6, 2015

Cathy's Wave
After paddling tandem for the last few trips, it was nice to get out in my solo boat again.  I joined the crew from Where’s the Whitewater at? to run the Tville section of the Farmington. We had two OC1’s (me and Charlie), a C1 (Rob) and a bunch of kayaks. The level was low (1.5 feet, 500 cfs) but it was still fun.

The upper section was a little bony, but Cathy’s Wave and the Horseshoe Ledge were at an easy surfing level. I ran the Bridge Abutment Rapid on the right, and almost blew the ferry below the abutments. I bounced off the rocks on river right in a nick of time. I ran the approach to the Play Hole on the left.  Even at this level, the Play Hole didn’t look inviting. Below the play hole are a couple of small ledges that terminate in some rocks on river left. I caught the eddies on the left before ferrying to the middle to run the drop.  I ran the new "Inquisition" ledges further downstream by doing the opposite - eddying out on the right, and then ferrying to the left to run the second drop.  Good day.

Running the Inquisition Ledges

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