Sunday, June 28, 2015

Upper Winni - June 27, 2015

I was debating trying a first run on the Lower Winni, but decided to wait for lower water.  Instead, I did a couple of runs on the Upper Winni with the Boston AMC.

We ran the section of the Winnipesaukee River from Tilton Road (actually Shaker Street) to Riverfront Park.  This is one of the first trips that I did with NHAMC when I started whitewater paddling back in 2007.  With the summer release, the level was around 960 cfs. 

The river starts off with quickwater, and gradually turns to class I/II rapids.  Gates were set up in the first major rapid (First Trestle and Cribworks) for the Winni Slalom.  I did a pretty good job getting through.  After that is Second Trestle and the rapids below the School Street Bridge. Easy run, but still fun.


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