Monday, April 27, 2015

Lower Millers - April 26, 2015

Paul scouts as Norma goes left
Four from RICKA (Erik, Paul, Dan and Pat) hooked up with a group from Where’s the Whitewater at? – twelve boats in all.  The river was at a nice level for me – 3.8 feet, 1,200 cfs.  We put in at the railroad bridge below the Farley Flats.  The rapids get a little more difficult as you approach the Funnel, but are still mostly class II/II+

I decided to walk the Funnel to get some pictures.  This also allowed me to get a better look at the lines.  Norma went left and caught a shore eddy about half way down, which set her up to run the drop at the bottom. 

Glenn catches a right side eddy
Glenn went right, also caught a shore eddy about half way down.  He then had to cut left after the big rock to avoid the ledge drop at the bottom of the rapid on the right side.

Paul and Pat went left of center.  Pat flipped in a hole and did an amazing roll to recover – I’ve never seen a boat flip back up that fast. I wish I caught it on video - it was amazing.

Below the Funnel are some more class II/II+ rapids down the Millers Falls.  We took out at the bridge in the center of town and skiped the flatwater down to Dorsey Road.

Pat runs the center left line after a great combat roll

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