Saturday, June 29, 2013

Green canal and fast moving river - River Bend Farm - June 29, 2013

Duck weed on the canal at River Bend Farm
We’ve had a lot of rain this week, so rivers are running all over.  I’m planning to run the Dead next weekend up in Maine, so I wanted to stay local today.  I decided to do the canal/river loop at River Bend Farm.

I usually leave my car at the broken dam across from the Stanley Woolen Mill and carry my boat across the street to the canal.  This allows me to run the broken dam at the end.  Unfortunately, there is a strainer blocking the main channel through the dam, so I decided not to run it.  Instead, I put in at River Bend Farm and ran the loop from there.

Taking a break 
At this time of year, the lower section of the canal is usually covered with green duckweed.  Today, all the duckweed was at the upstream end near River Bend Farm.  The wind must have blown it there. 

The river was flowing nice (about 3.5 feet on the Northbridge gage) with enough water to allow you to go straight through many of the turns that are tricky at lower water.  Just above the take out to cross back over to the canal there is a river wide strainer across the river.  Hopefully the Rangers will get in there to clear it out.

Visitor Center at River Bend Farm

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  1. Sure is strange having these high water levels at this time of year. Imagine the Dead River will be running well!