Monday, April 30, 2012

Manville Landing - April 29, 2012

I paddled someplace yesterday that I haven’t paddled in ages – Manville Landing at the Manville Dam.

The Manville Landing is close to my house and was always my go-to spot for a quick paddle. Unfortunately, its been closed for at least a year during construction of a new park. I understand that the first contractor went bankrupt, and the second contractor had to do some unexpected clean-up work. Construction has been going on for so long that I rarely even drive by any more.

Yesterday I was on my way to check out the new Sycamore Landing downstream from the Manville Dam, and was surprised to see that work had also resumed at the Manville Landing. In fact, it’s almost complete. In addition to a new boat ramp, a beautiful new dock has been installed. There will also be lots of green space and plenty of parking. This will be a great place for trips once it is open.

Site work is almost complete at the new park at the Manville Landing

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