Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Bridges – the Assabet River through Maynard – January 28, 2012

It was an absolutely beautiful day, so Andy and I decided to check out the class I/II section of the Assabet that runs through the old mill town of Maynard. We put-in off Taft Road just below the Ben Smith Dam. The river was as a nice level – 4', 600 cfs on Maynard gage.

We surfed the waves below the dam before heading downstream. Six bridges cross this 1½ mile section of the Assabet as it flows through downtown Maynard.
  • Great Road Bridge – ran to the right through a 2’ drop
  • Mill Street Bridge – ran through the center, but the right arch is also an option
  • Florida Road Bridge – flatwater under the bridge, but there are some nice waves just downstream
  • Main Street Bridge – some easy waves leading up to it, but it can be run anywhere
  • Walnut Street Bridge – fast moving current under the bridges pushes right, some nice wave below the bridge
  • Waltham Street Bridge – ran in the middle since the left and right arches were blocked by construction steel
The river also runs by a collection of restored mill buildings now known as Clock Tower Place.  At one time, this was the world headquarters of computer pioneer Digital Equipment Corporation

We took out at the Elks Hall on Route 62 and shuttled back to Taft Road for another run. Good time, but I wouldn’t want to run it any lower.

Andy running the drop below the Great Road Bridge
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  1. Wow! You guys were in a lot livelier water than what I found on the Sudbury. Hoping there is a boat somewhere in that picture of Andy.

  2. That is the biggest drop we encountered, and I think it can be avoided by running the other side of the bridge. Sorry we missed you. Hopefully you can join us next time.

  3. Erik, I just checked the Mill St. bridge on my way home from work. The gauge height is pretty close to what you guys saw yesterday (3.8'). The middle portal looked a little too wild for me, whereas the right portal looked much more tranquil.
    Which part of the run would you say was the most challenging?

  4. The right is probably easier, but the water was a little low for the approach. The middle arch wasn't bad, but you do have to be careful of that rock right in the middle just downstream.

  5. Here is Andy on the picture but you not there.