Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day after Turkey Paddle – Lower Millers – November 25, 2011

After eating way too much on Thanksgiving, it was good to get out yesterday to burn off some calories. We ran the lower section of the Millers River in Erving, MA – 2 canoes (Ed and Erik) and 3 kayaks (Andy, Brian and Glenn).

This was my second time on the Lower Millers, and it is a great run. The river was at 4.3 feet which turned out to be a nice level - nothing technical, just lots of long wave trains. The most difficult rapid on this section is called the Funnel, and we looked at it long and hard before we decided to carry. The holes weren't as big as last time (4.7 feet), but there were a lot more rocks exposed.   I swam this rapid last time, and had to hike downstream about a half mile to recover my boat. I didn’t want to do that again.

Surfing a wave below the Funnel
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Erving Gage
Running the Funnel - center left line by Adam Attarian on 1/19/15 @ 4.2 feet

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