Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slatersville Reservoir - August 16, 2011

Had a nice night with the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club at the Slatersville Reservoir.

This reservoir was originally the power source for the Slatersville Mill Village just downstream. The first dam was built on this site around 1807. Eventually, a complex system of three dams was built to contain the 140-acre Slatersville Reservoir.

We put in at the state boat ramp off Route 102 and paddled to the southwest end of the reservoir. While there are houses on the east side of the reservoir, the west side is largely wooded with tall spruce trees – it looks like we could be in Maine. With all the recent rain, we were able to paddle up the Branch River as far as the Route 7 bridge.

Looking back in my old pictures, I remembered that this was the first trip that I did with the Rhode Island Canoe & Kayak Association back in 2004 with my daughter Julie. Thanks to Cheryl for snapping this picture.

Paddling on the Slatersville Reservoir in 2004 with my daughter Julie
Slatersville from Woonsocket.org
Cheryl's pictures

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