Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harbor of Refuge – July 26, 2011

This morning I decided to put in at Camp Cronin and paddle around the Harbor of Refuge in Galilee. Construction of the harbor's seawall began in 1890, but wasn’t completed until 1914. It protects the Salt Pond Breachway and the Port of Galilee.

Cormorants on the seawall
There were a couple of fishermen on the east jetty, but otherwise everything was quiet. I was able to get a couple of pictures of the Point Judith Light (c. 1817/1857). It is now part of the Point Judith Coast Guard Station.

I put in around 6:30 at what appeared to be high tide. As I paddled into the passage between the east and center jetties, I was surprised how much bigger the waves became. Fortunately, my canoe handled the swells well, and I was soon behind the center jetty.

Break in the seawall
The center jetty was in much worse condition than the east or west. Huge boulders were pushed aside leaving large gaps in the seawall. I can’t imagine the power of the water that moved those rocks. As I paddled by, hundreds of cormorants and other shore birds rested on the wall, and a couple of sailboats bobbed in the water behind the seawall.

By the time I reached the west jetty, it was past 7:00 and the charter boats were pulling out. These boats created huge wakes as they pulled out of the breachway and sped out to the open water. I bobbed in the waves and waited for the parade to end before crossing the channel near the Salty Brine Beach. From there, it was a pleasant paddle back to Camp Cronin.

The schooner Brilliant moored in the harbor
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