Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crystal Section of the Farmington - February 19th

There was good new, and there was bad news…

The good news was that there was more water than I expected (the gage was frozen, but probably 6', 700cfs). It was still low, but at least we weren’t bouncing off rocks. The bad news was that it was much colder and windier than I expected (temp's in the low 30's with 50 mph gusts). By the time I reached the take out, my boat was covered in a thin layer of ice. The wind was unbelievable – it sounded like a train coming down the tracks, and often blew us downstream sideways - at least it was a tail wind.

I missed Matt’s launch down the bank, but here’s a video of Tim, Scott and I:

Seal Launches from Erik Eckilson on Vimeo.

It was definitely good to see Matt again – it had been too long. I had to avoid a couple of blown-down trees on the way home (yes, it was very windy), but I still made it in time to go Family Weekend at my daughter’s college - another great day.

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  1. Erik, Kudos on the way you guys entered the river. Nothing tentative about it, especially with a camera onboard! Al