Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Its Official - I'm Average

They posted the official results for the BRWA Race that I did last Saturday. My time was 2:32:56. The average for all boats was 2:33. Here's how it breaks down:
  • 11 Short Kayaks (< 13 ft) - Average 2:36, Fastest 2:11
  • 11 Long Kayaks (>13 ft) - Average 2:23, Fastest 1:54
  • 22 Tandem Canoes (all classes) - Average 2:35, Fastest 1:52
I'm kind of surprised - I thought that two paddlers in a tandem canoe would be a lot faster than a single paddler in a kayak (or canoe). The averages didn't work out that way - maybe because there weren't a lot of real racers due to the low water.  The fastest time was a tandem canoe at 1:52, but that team was only a couple of minutes ahead of the fastest kayak at 1:54.  Four boats - 2 kayaks, 2 canoes - didn't finish the race.


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