Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bernon to the Railroad Bridge – February 7th

I’ve been anxious to get out to do some paddling, so I went out down to River Island Park yesterday.  It was brutally cold and windy. On my drive down to the river I noticed that the thermometer at the bank read 15°.   That's a new record for me. I only lasted around 45 minutes - had to quit when ice started building up on the shaft of the paddle.

I went out again today for a couple of hours and it was much warmer. I put in at the Bernon Bridge and paddled down to the Providence & Worcester Railroad Bridge. The level was OK (784 cfs, 2.75 ft). The sun was out and the wind had died down. I brought my camera long to get a few pictures.

I am looking forward to the first of March when the early spring whitewater trips begin.

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